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Dustin Baker

COO of our Marketing Company

Dustin's position as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of our marketing company specializing in vacation rental properties, is a driving force behind ensuring our properties perform to the highest degree. With his extensive experience and strategic mindset, Dustin brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His role involves overseeing all aspects of our marketing operations, ensuring our properties receive optimal visibility and generate substantial bookings and revenue.

Notably, Dustin's expertise extends beyond his COO responsibilities. As evidenced by his popular YouTube channel, where he passionately shares his insights on all things related to vacation rentals, Dustin has become a trusted resource for owners and investors in the industry. His dedication to helping others succeed in the vacation rental space is evident, as he freely imparts his knowledge to enable anyone, from first-time property owners to seasoned investors, to achieve success and relish the benefits of the vacation rental life.

Dustin Baker
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