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MoonPass Lookouts: Unique Airbnb Creator Kristie Wolfe Announces Next Project

Kristie Wolfe's latest venture combines history, sustainability, and unique experiences in Wallace, Idaho

Kristie Wolfe, a prominent figure in the short-term rental industry, is set to unveil MoonPass Lookout, her latest innovative project. This immersive travel experience, situated on 55 acres of forest in Wallace, Idaho, promises to take a research-based approach to creating impactful and memorable short-term rentals. With a focus on sustainability, historical context, guest well-being, and a meticulously planned design process, MoonPass Lookout is poised to set new standards in the vacation rental market.

Location, Sustainable Design, and Design Process

Nestled in a serene, forested environment with a creek and pond, MoonPass Lookout offers five custom-built fire lookout towers. The design process began with Kristie Wolfe drawing up plans inspired by her Crystal Peak Lookout Tower, her Washington based fire tower Airbnb, incorporating features like a clear roof and sauna (see above). Collaborators Brad (renderer), and Abe (structural engineer), refined final designs to account for the area's snow, wind, and other environmental conditions. Steel reinforcements and roof overhang modifications were made to ensure the structures could withstand the harsh weather while providing unobstructed views for guests.

Historical Context and Education

MoonPass Lookout is situated in the heart of a historically significant area, where the Great Fire of 1910, also known as the "Big Burn," originated. This devastating event remains one of the largest forest fires in US history. By hosting the Ray Kresek Fire Lookout Museum, MoonPass Lookout provides an educational component to the guest experience.

Research indicates that incorporating educational elements into travel experiences can lead to increased satisfaction and a deeper understanding of the destination (Poria et al., 2003). Moreover, the opportunity to explore the area's history, including the 5-mile hike to the mine shaft where firefighting hero Ed Pulaski led his crew to safety, adds an immersive quality to the MoonPass Lookout experience.

Promoting Well-Being Through Unique Experiences

MoonPass Lookout offers a variety of on-site activities, including a sauna, fire pit, ax throwing, hiking trails, and fishing. Research suggests that engaging in outdoor activities can have significant positive effects on mental and physical well-being (Barton & Pretty, 2010). By providing these opportunities, MoonPass Lookout aims to create a transformative experience for guests, promoting relaxation and reconnection with nature.

Each fire lookout tower is designed for comfort and convenience, featuring a full-size bed, kitchen, bathroom, wood-burning stove, and a glass roof for stargazing. This combination of amenities and unique architecture promotes an environment conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Crowdfunding and Marketing Strategy

To bring MoonPass Lookout to life, Wolfe launched a pre-campaign on Indigogo to crowdfund the project. VIP access and 50% discounts on reservations are being offered to supporters who contribute $50. As of April 13th, 2023, 100 people have participated in the campaign. The official launch requires a minimum of 2,500 emails on the mailing list, and the current strong performance of 1,362 collected emails shows promise for a successful campaign.

Wolfe is focusing on organic outreach and maintaining a budget of $30,000 USD for advertising on Facebook and Instagram, well below a more standard 10% of the total raise (a goal of $1.6 million USD) into these platforms. Additionally, a freelancer was hired from Upwork to research her former properties and create a compelling press release to help raise funds for the project (Wolfe, 2023).

Demographics and Insights

An interesting data point from Crystal Peak Lookout revealed that about 90% of the bookings were made by female guests. This differs from her Hawaiian Treehouse near Volcano National Park, which predominantly sees male guests booking honeymoons. Similarly, MoonPass Lookout's crowdfunding project has seen a majority of female supporters, with 77% of VIP access applicants being women as of early April 8th, 2023 (Wolfe, 2023).


Kristie Wolfe's MoonPass Lookout offers a research-based approach to creating impactful and immersive short-term rentals. By combining history, sustainability, unique experiences, a focus on guest well-being, and a meticulously planned design process, this venture has the potential to redefine the vacation rental market. Construction is set to begin in Fall 2023, with the grand opening scheduled for Spring 2024. Keep an eye out for updates and booking opportunities as MoonPass Lookout is sure to become a sought-after destination for discerning travelers.


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