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Investment benefits

High returns, backed by real estate

Alternative investments with IRRs of 17-23% that merge creativity with real estate, offering a unique blend of profitability and security

Customer-powered promotion

Guests love sharing their experiences at unique properties, leading to increased exposure and bookings with less ad spend

Beyond the fund

We're not just a fund; we're a full-fledged real estate business. With dedicated tech teams, we make data-driven decisions to boost profits. We're also actively developing innovative software

Creativity drives demand

Creative properties command higher nightly rates and occupancy, translating into increased revenue for your investments

Full-service expertise

Our comprehensive capabilities ensure expert management and marketing, guaranteeing your investment's success and maximizing profits

Diversify with confidence

Diversify across properties, markets, and seasons with one investment. Minimizing regulatory risk and maximizing financial security

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Start a conversation

Exploring investment options? Our real estate-backed opportunities offer higher returns and a unique focus on creative investments. Start the conversation today

Service levels at a glance

Our services
STR Funds
Long Term
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Instant diversification
Tax benefits
Eco-friendly initiatives
Proactive Regulation Management
Data-backed insights
High returns
Expert property management
Strategic marketing
Proprietary tech development
Passive income
Creative properties in high demand
Regulatory diversification
Seasonality diversification

Platform parters

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Get in touch

Whether you're considering your first investment or growing your property portfolio, we're eager to explore how we can elevate your investment journey. Get in touch with us today to embark on new possibilities

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