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Creator Estates


Meet the team behind Creator Estates

We believe in the power of leadership, entrepreneurship, and camaraderie to drive our success and that of our clients. Our mantra is to be bold, live with integrity, and stay true to our intentions.


CEO | Founder

Caden's wealth of experience in social media marketing and content creation filming and directing for YouTube channels ranging from 1M to 11M subscribers is a significant asset to our team. His knowledge of the latest marketing trends and strategies, combined with his expertise in video production and direction, brings a unique perspective that will help elevate our portfolio to new heights.

With Caden's assistance, we are confident that our real estate investment fund will stand out from the competition and attract a wider audience at scale. By leveraging his marketing and business growth expertise, we aim to drive significant value for our investors and deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations.

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Caden Weatherly Creator Estates
Kazu Yanagisawa Creator Estates


Head of Acquisitions

Kazu's extensive experience as a coach on the largest short-term rental masterclass, Host Camp, provides our real estate investment fund with a significant advantage over our competitors in the STR space. His vast network and in-depth knowledge of the industry will help us to develop a strong acquisition strategy and secure deals that are tailored to our specific investment objectives.

Kazu's background as a seasoned real estate investor and operator, with investments totaling nearly 3 million dollars across short and long-term rentals in San Diego, Milwaukee, and Omaha, demonstrates his impressive track record in the industry. This experience positions him to identify promising investment opportunities, manage risk, and maximize returns for our investors.


Head of Project Development

Josh brings a wealth of expertise and experience to our real estate investment team, having recently worked with HGTV on multiple rehab properties. With a background of 10 years in construction through his family business and experience working within city codes on projects ranging from fix and flips to brand new construction, Josh is well-versed in managing city relationships and navigating complex construction projects.

Josh's personal experience as a licensed real estate agent and investor provides him with a unique perspective and understanding of the real estate industry. This allows him to identify investment opportunities and create strategies that align with our overall investment goals.


Realtor DRE #02185373

Josh Richard Creator Estates
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Our mission is to provide innovative, reliable, and personalized real estate investment solutions that maximize financial returns for our clients while minimizing risk. We are committed to creating lasting partnerships built on trust, respect, and mutual success.

We are dedicated to investing in and supporting creative projects that inspire, entertain, and make a positive impact on the world. We believe that by leveraging our expertise, resources, and network, we can help turn great ideas into reality.



We strive to empower individuals to achieve financial freedom and bring their ideas to life, leaving a lasting impact on future generations.

Integrity without Compromise

Integrity without compromise guides our behavior, decisions, and actions, and is essential to building trust with our clients and partners.


Creativity drives us to constantly innovate, explore new ideas, and bring unique perspectives to every project and challenge we undertake.


We are dedicated to environmentally conscious practices, resource efficiency, and long-term thinking for the benefit of our clients and future generations.

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